Induction heat treating utilizes equipment that produces a varying magnetic field which is directed at selected locations on a work piece (part). The field is directed to the part via an engineered induction heating coil; the coil receives controlled electrical input from the generating source and production is moved through the coil at controlled rates. Selected areas of the part surface are heated to a specified depth, leaving the part-core cool and un-treated.

Equipment frequency, (kHz) is selected to match the required depth of field penetration in the part, power, (Kw) requirements are controlled to produce consistent results.

After heating the designated areas to specified depths, the parts are either quenched into a water based and temperature controlled polymer solution, or air cooled. Quenching into a polymer solution hardens the heated area of the part, air cooling tempers or anneals the designated area.

Tempering is necessary after quenching to relieve stresses in the part from the heat treat process and to reduce part hardness into the designated hardness range.

IST’s metallurgical lab facility evaluates the case depth and hardness of each heat treat order, and certifies results.

Induction Processing Capabilities

Induction Services

Annealing and Tempering
Fastener Hardening and Tempering (#8 – M14 x 228mm length)
Large and Small Part Processing
Polymer Quench Hardening


36″ travel scanners
Automated part feeding systems
Custom coil design and development
Kilowatt second energy monitors
Solid state low, medium and high frequency power supplies

Customer Process Specifications

Arvin Meritor PS 400-499
Axle Tech STA 02-500
Caterpillar 1E0288
Chrysler PS-5, MS-8253
Clark Components International (4X- ), (7X- )
Dana SHAES174
Eaton TES-003
Ford W-HTX, WD-952
GM GM6202M, GM6217M
John Deere RES10419
Reminc Corflex®-1
SAE J1237

Trained/Competent Workforce

To attain operational excellence, IST fosters employee development by diversifying employee’s capabilities, enhancing skill sets and creating a climate for action. Cross-trained employees understand all aspects of the heat treat process, and our customer’s needs. Certified employees are capable of receiving, heat treating, inspecting and shipping.

Technology and Knowledge Management

To best manage our customer’s needs, IST continually refines the knowledge management process and improves information technology resources. We utilize best practices to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to all levels of the organization; employees understand our customer’s requirements and act in their best interests.