Industrial Steel Treating is the world’s largest heat treat processor of induction hardened fasteners. Nine induction systems with a 900,000,000 piece annual capacity service the North American market with part handling capability ranging from M3.5 x 10 to M14 x 300. IST services Automotive, heavy truck, off-road, appliance, construction and military fastener suppliers throughout North America.

Fasteners are first hardened and tempered to grade in belt or batch furnace systems. The induction process hardens all lead threads and 1 – 3 full threads to specified hardness at depth. The resultant product is a neutral hardened fastener with self tapping or drilling threads, capable of cost effective, reliable and rapid assembly into high hardness, un-threaded components, (HSLA, aluminum or carbon steel).  Drive failures at assembly are never an issue with IST hardened fasteners, our hardness results consistently exceed all OEM requirements.

IST’s customers expect rapid product turnaround, less than 24 hour rush capability, lot integrity and consistent quality results. As the industry leader in induction hardened fasteners, IST’s customers’ depend on our experience, industry contacts and problem solving knowledge to quickly manage issues and provide immediate assistance.

Induction Hardened Bolt

Standard Induction Hardened Parts

Seat Belt Bolts

Small Induction Hardened Parts

Special Induction Hardened Parts

Induction Hardened Fasteners Capabilities

Fastener Sizes

#8 – M14


Double End Studs


900,000,000 pieces/year


Hardening and integral temper systems

Customer Process Specifications

FCA MS8253
Ford WD-952
SAE J1237
WD 957


1 – 7 days
Rush orders accommodated

Associated REMINC Trademarks

CORFLEX® -‘I’ processing
DUO-TAPTITE® fasteners
TAPTITE 2000® fasteners
TAPTITE II® fasteners

Trained/Competent Workforce

To attain operational excellence, IST fosters employee development by diversifying employee’s capabilities, enhancing skill sets and creating a climate for action. Cross-trained employees understand all aspects of the heat treat process, and our customer’s needs. Certified employees are capable of receiving, heat treating, inspecting and shipping.

Technology and Knowledge Management

To best manage our customer’s needs, IST continually refines the knowledge management process and improves information technology resources. We utilize best practices to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to all levels of the organization; employees understand our customer’s requirements and act in their best interests.