Induction-Hardened Fasteners

Industrial Steel Treating is the world’s largest heat treat processor of induction hardened fasteners. The induction process hardens all lead threads and 1-3 full threads to specified hardness at depth.

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Gas Carburizing

Industrial Steel Treating offers controlled atmosphere gas carburizing services. The carburizing process enhances parts with a hard, wear resistant surface, and a fully hardened martensitic core.

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Neutral Hardening and Carbon Restoration

Neutral hardening is performed on steel alloys of sufficient hardenability to attain a designated surface and core hardness, without surface treatments (carburizing or carbonitriding).

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Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving

Annealing is the treatment of a metal or alloy by heating to a predetermined temperature and then cooling to room temperature. Annealing improves ductility and reduces brittleness.

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Black Oxidizing

Surface Improvement

IST suppliers provide surface improvement services for small and large parts. We work closely with Suppliers whose processes include tumble barrel finishing, rubber belt media blasting, zinc phosphate and vibratory finishing.
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Induction Processing

Induction heat treating utilizes equipment that produces a varying magnetic field which is directed at selected locations on a work piece (part).

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Gas Carbonitriding

The carbonitriding process enhances parts with a hard, wear resistant surface. Desired part case depths are designed by product engineers, and controlled by several heat treat process variables.

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